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One Year Limited Non-Transferrable Warranty

Three Year Limited Non-Transferrrable Warranty (for Deluxe Frames)

The Snap Dragon Frame tm is warranted for normal use for one year (three years for Deluxe Frames) from the date of purchase.  Because each frame has been hand finished, individually inspected, hand assembled and tested, you should receive a complete product in perfect working condition.  However, if there is a problem that results from the manufacturing of the frame, we will gladly replace or repair your frame at our discretion.  Should such a problem arise, do not disassemble the frame.  Please contact us so we can resolve the issue in the most expedient manner.

Most repairs can easily and quickly be handled by the consumer.  We try to avoid shipping the frame back and forth due to the high cost.  In these cases we will ship you the parts you need as quickly as possible along with the necessary instruction.  When more difficult repairs are necessary, we will replace the appropriate assembly and ask that you return the broken parts in the packaging provided.  Should this occur we will temporarily charge for the replacement assembly and refund the charge once we receive the original back.

The Snap Dragon Frame tm is NOT warranted against careless handling. dropping, crushing, throwing, puncturing, improper storage or other abuse.  The frame is not warranted for any use other than the stretching of rug backing for the craft of old fashioned rug hooking.  We cannot be held responsible for damage caused during shipping, thus all products over $50.00 will be shipped insured.  We reserve the right to determine the cause of damage upon return of the frame.  

Normal and reasonable wear is not covered by the warranty.  As your frame ages, it may need to be repaired or refurbished.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

This warranty is non-transferrable and has no cash value.

In order to activate your warranty, please return the product registration card included in your instruction packet within 30 days.  The serial number for your frame is found on the card.  Please transfer the serial number from your card to your instruction manual before mailing us the card.  If you did not receive a product registration card, please contact the merchant from which you purchased your Snap Dragon Frame tm for a replacement.

This warranty is subject to revision and replaces all previous versions.  Check this website for the most current version of the warranty.

Disclaimer of Liability

Snap Dragon Frames LLC and its representatives cannot and will not be held liable for any injuries or damages sustained by use or misuse of its products.  The purchaser assumes all liability at the time of purchase.  Use at your own risk!


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