Fine Frames for Old Fashioned Rug Hooking

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Warning!:   The Snap Dragon Frame (tm) uses a cam-activated leverage system which amplifies the force you apply to stretch your rug backing.  Applying too much force can cause the backing to tear or shred, and/or the frame to crack.  If you cannot move the paddles easily with your hand, release the tension on the rug backing and reposition the pattern allowing more slack.  Some rug backings stretch more than others so varying amounts of slack will be required to achieve a good working tension.

Warning!:  Gripper strips are made with sharp pointed wires!  Improper use may cause serious injury.   Extreme care must be taken in their use.  Gripper strips are not to be used in any machine under power.  Please move the gripper rails to the safety position when the frame is not in use.

Warning!:  Keep this frame away from children! Do not leave the frame unattended around children.  Gripper strips can do serious damage if a child falls on or runs into the frame.

Warning!:  The Snap Dragon Frame tm uses magnets to assist in its operation.  Do not use near pacemakers or other devices sensative to magnetic fields.  If you have a pacemaker, please consult your physician befor using the frame.

Disclaimer of Liability

Snap Dragon Frames LLC and its representatives cannot and will not be held liable for any injuries or damages sustained by use or misuse of its products.  The purchaser assumes all liability at the time of purchase.  Use at your own risk!


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